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What is Reiki?

Reiki, often pronounced Ray-Kee, is a way to connect with the energy all around us so that your body can start healing itself. The energy you need is channeled in through the Reiki Maser who acts as a conduit between you and the universal energy. He or she mastered “tuning in” to receive this energy rather like you tune in to a traditional radio. Pure energy flows through them to you. This releases blockages and realigns the energy channels in the body, allowing your own energy to flow more freely where it is needed. This lets you resonate at your highest possible frequency - so you can feel the best you can possibly feel.

Reiki was developed, some say rediscovered, by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui early last century.

Today there are many “schools” of Reiki.

We all do a little Reiki. We do it when we give a sad friend a hug, or hold a part of the body we have injured. But certified Reiki practitioners such as Dennise Marie have a real gift. It’s the difference between playing chopsticks and mastering a Mozart sonata. Dennise Marie is a Mozart!

While Reiki might identify areas of concern, it does not diagnose disease. It is also not a cure. Neither is it a replacement for conventional medicine: it complements it. Reiki will not interfere with any medical care you are receiving. You can have it alongside drugs, before and after surgery and radiotherapy, and, with careful timing, while on a course of chemotherapy. It can be used on babies, toddlers, pregnant women, the elderly, terminally ill clients and animals.

Reiki is not associated with any religion, but it can be spiritual.

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