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My Story

Since the innocent age of about 4, Dennise Marie was strongly drawn to nature. She would rescue and heal small animals using her hands but did not know that she was using this life force energy. Dennise Marie first started with lizards, birds, hamsters and other small critters, including her own as she had an uncanny ability to calm the animals, and while holding them, they would slowly heal. As she got older, the animals got bigger, and the results of healing were quicker. 


Through practice these “abilities” got stronger and more accurate. She began to follow her “intuition” as she learned it was called, and place her hands on not just animals, but people too.

This journey of Divine connection expanded as she experienced a healing session of her own by another Practitioner. It was explained to her what it was that she was doing. There began her journey with Reiki. Becoming certified in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Karuna Holy Fire Reiki and Radiance Technique, as well as being a Certified Intuitive Guide. Many other natural born gifts are incorporated while providing a session. 


My Approach

You will either sit in a chair or lay down fully clothed while Dennise Marie gently and respectfully lays her hands on your body or a few inches above your body.

Some people report tingling or warmth. Many go into a deep calm state. They may get insights into their life. Some become so relaxed they fall into a restorative sleep! Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes.

The most frequent comment people make after Reiki is that they feel rested and serene.

Sometimes clients report benefits within minutes. Often they say the effect on their body continues to grow hours after treatment. They notice other changes that continue to unfold during the day: stronger digestion, feeling more centered and less reactive, and sleeping deeply that night! Reiki can also gently bring to the surface memories or emotions to be processed or released. Clients say benefits are cumulative, increasing with repeated sessions. Some people say they need less medicine. But always consult your physician before changing the doses of prescribed drugs.

Often while receiving your treatment, a number of Dennise Marie's other modalities will often be incorporated into your session. 

Life often seems to gets easier after a Reiki treatment. Receiving a flow of energy seems to make people get in the flow!

As Dennise Marie likes to say "Reiki… Shift Happens!"

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