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Dennise Marie

Intuitive Reiki and Energetic Treatments


About Me

About Dennise Marie

Dennise Marie is a Certified Intuitive Reiki Master and Practitioner, which means she has not only been trained in the technique to the highest levels, but that she can also teach others how to use Reiki Energy. She has been a practicing Intuitive Reiki Master and Practitioner for over 15 years.

She typically uses a blend of the traditional Japanese Usui Reiki, and a more Western modality called Karuna Holy Fire. She has also been trained in a variety of other healing techniques.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


My Treatments


One on One Reiki Session

Nurture your mind, body and soul with gentle, safe, yet profoundly powerful Reiki.

Whether you are a busy corporate professional, or overextended caregiver, coping with illness, or just need some TLC, Dennise Marie believes energy work can soothe you and help you feel the best you possibly can.

Reiki for those facing end of life.


Reiki can bring great comfort to those facing end of life making this process more comfortable and peaceful.

Reiki is also extremely calming for the elderly suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers.

Dennise Marie is happy to make home or hospital visits for those unable to travel.

Long Distance Reiki Session

Because she is a Reiki master, Dennise Marie can heal remotely.

She sets a fixed time when you can be at rest and receptive to treatment, then tunes into your body. It works no matter how far away you are.

She will speak with you before and after your session via phone.

Animal Reiki

Animals can benefit from Reiki too, especially when they are ill, or have been through trauma, surgery or abuse.

Dennise Marie says that it can be easier to work with animals than humans because they don’t speak our language. They are more receptive since their opinion doesn’t get in the way, and they are energetically and emotionally driven.

Her animal clients have included dogs, horses, cats, bunnies. She has even treated a chicken, and a hummingbird that crashed into her window.

In working with animals Dennise Marie always asks for their human companion to be present for the first session. She usually makes home visits, in the firm belief that animals are more receptive in their most familiar environment. However, she can heal remotely just by looking at a photograph of your animal.


Illuminating … Informative … Effective

Dennise Marie has a rare gift blending Reiki and her clairvoyant skills to create clarity and healing. I have cancer and could feel the energetic shift immediately. I guarantee - the value is worth the investment.

Linda Dierks

I recently had the opportunity to receive a reiki session from Dennise Marie. I have been having pain in my left knee for quite a while.

She totally relieved the pain in my knee and I felt my chakras being balanced. I recommend Denise Marie. She is very great healer. I'm so thankful to have met her.

Sophia Prescott

I am pleased to recommend Dennise Marie as a Reiki Master.

I had one session with her,  and found her to be a highly skilled energy worker. I felt greater harmony and balance in my body both during and after the session and have experienced greater somatic harmony since. Dennise Marie is warm and compassionate and very knowledgeable. I recommend her highly. 

Sharon R. Guthrie, Ph.D

My first experience with Reiki was last week with Dennise Marie. It was a very comfortable, spiritual experience. She is warm, kind and explains everything fully. I look forward to unblocking my energy flow with her again.

Lisa Hadley

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